Post Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise Classes

When you have a lung condition, it is important to be

as active and to exercise safely.

After successfully completing a NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course, it is important that you make long-term lifestyle changes and continue exercising at the right level for you.

There are two classes running in Telford, St  Georges and Wrockwardine. They both offer exercise programmes in non-clinical environments that are designed to be both beneficial and enjoyable. These classes are tailored to your individual needs and our programmes help you practice and maintain healthy habits to manage your respiratory disease and reduce the risk of future exacerbations.

Both classes were initially set up with assistance from Breathe Easy Telford and District and British Lung Foundation. The recently set up Wrocwardine class continues to receive support.Tracey Oliver is the British Lung Foundation accredited instructor for both classes.

More information on Tracey - Click here


I enjoy the classes very much. I was one of the first members and have found it very beneficial. If you don't used your muscles, you will loose it. The instructor is very accommodating and takes in to account what is suitable exercise for us. Mrs B L, Red Lake

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